Sophia is such an incredible person as well as makeup artist. She has such a kind and beautiful soul and it really shows through the way she treats her clients. I felt very comfortable talking to her and asking her questions about makeup when I was standing up in my friends wedding. I even asked her for some makeup tips that I could use in my everyday life. I was part of the pre-wedding makeup trial and final trial and I enjoyed each and every moment. Sophia brings an distinctive aura that’s so welcoming and makes you excited to get your makeup done. She genuinely cares about her clientele and will make you feel comfortable from start to finish. But when she holds that mirror up so you can see your final look, prepare to be floored at the beauty starting back at you. Sophia, keep doing what you are doing and making people feel beautiful. You are a true artist and I hope I get to work with you again someday. Thanks for everything~!