A photo shoot showcasing the top makeup looks

The looks our brides ask for most often are now together in one place

The Natural Bride

Less is more for this beaming beauty!  The Natural Bride’s makeup is focused on her beautiful skin with a gentle flush of color to the cheeks. This skin-focused application is what really captivates that healthy glow. The eye look is neutral in color with a softly applied black eyeliner on the top lid. The final touch being a set of false eyelashes so natural, wedding guests will think she was born with them.

The Classic Bride

Highly requested by our girly-girls, the Classic Bride is all about the eyes…and the color pink! The inner eye is bright and shimmery in contrast to the outer eye, which has lots of depth. Black eyeliner is smudged along the top lash line for soft definition and wispy lashes are added for even more volume. Pairing this with the perfect pink lipstick and matching blush really marries this look together.

The Retro Bride

This look is for the bride that’s nostalgic at heart. Originating in the 40’s& 50’s, the Retro Bride wears a signature red lipstick and a precise winged eyeliner. The eyeshadow finish is matte. Some brides choose a soft crease contrast to show off those wings, and others prefer a more dramatic appearance. The skin is a natural or matte finish featuring a subtle contour and a touch of blush. It’s timeless glamour that will always photograph beautifully.

The Bronzed Bride

Oh, the Bohemian dream…This style makes one daydream of being married barefoot in a garden or stress-free on a beach. The Bronzed Bride has a sun-kissed glow created by the combination of bronzer and highlighter. For her eyes to gleam as much as her flawless skin, both cream and powder shadows are used in copper/bronze shades.  A nude tone lipstick defines her lips and is sheared out with a peach lip gloss to complete the look.

The Smokey Bride

This is a great look if you want some subtle drama on your wedding day. The Smokey Bride wears an overall darker application on the eyes, smoked-out liner, more defined eyebrows and individual lashes on the outer eyelids for a lifted appearance. The best compliment to the smokey eye is a soft pink or peach lipstick and a matching cheek.

The Pop of Color Bride

The Pop of Color Bride is the perfect balance between daring and beautiful.  Adding a pop of color to the eye gives a modern bride an extra special twist.  Complementing the bride’s amazing skin, the main focus is the eyes and lips!  A bold purple applied on the lower lash line looks fantastic on both brown and green eye colors. By keeping the eyelid neutral, this fun look comes together in a fabulous way. To mix it up even more, a hot pink lipstick is applied.

The Couture Bride

The Couture Bride is fashion forward and ready to make a statement! Bold eyes, bold lips, and bold eyelashes make this bride oh so very vogue. Keeping the look bridal, a pearly-white shadow highlights the eyelids, while a dramatic, dark contrast defines the outer eye. This look is expressive, yet striking.

About the Shoot

We did this shoot in a single day with the help of our amazing Wedding Photographer, Joseph DeFrancesco! Most of our Which Bride Are You models were past or future brides, which made this a fun experience for them too. Thank you Heather, Shannon, Sian, Lucia, Yoko, Alexandria and Courtney for your time, support and beauty! Our floral arrangements were created by Sophia Bella Bridal.

Natural, Classic, Bronzed & Pop of Color Brides
Makeup Artist: Sophia DeFrancesco
Hairstylist: Natalie Kraemer

Retro, Smokey & Couture Brides
Hairstylist & Makeup Artist: Ann LaCorte
Hair Assistant: Leah Papadopoulos